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Thurston community of

Geneva County, Alabama

This is the large cemetery by the church.  There is a small one about 200 yards from church.

Directions to cemetery:

From the intersection of Florida State Highway 2 and Florida State Road 177-A go north on Florida State Road 177-A which will become Geneva County, Alabama road 53 for

4 and 6/10 miles. Turn right on dirt road and go 2/10 mile. Cemetery will be on the left next to Pleasant Home Freewill Baptist Church.

This list was provided by Berneice (Mixon) DuRant, the Cemetery secretary in charge of the records. It is correct as of January 1, 2006

Some items added not on tombstone such as wife to or son to someone.

They were added from information known to be true from cemetery records or relatives.




Madeline Riley Adair

Born-2-9-1926 Died-5-15-1985



Evelyn Vadas Ayers

Born-6-29-1921 Died-10-21-1976



Infant Ayers


Son of Rube Ayers



James William Ayers

Born-11-2-1915 Died-10-29-1976



Rachel LeAnn Baine

Born-7-30-1987 Died-8-25-1987



Bobby Wade Barnes

Born-12-4-1979 Died-1-28-1980



Buford Berry

Born-8-15-1917 Died-1-3-2001



Mary Willa Berry

Born-11-16-1920 Died-8-14-1979

Wife of Buford Berry,

married on 3-17-1947



Ricky Berry

Born-2-21-1948 Died-2-23-1948

Son of Buford and Mary Berry



Leila Chandler Best

Born-7-28-1885 Died-8-27-1984



Billy Green Blalock

Born-1-1-1932 No date of death



Margaret Hendrix Blalock

Born-5-23-1939 No date of death

Wife of Billy Green Blalock



Era Blalock

Born-6-29-1915 Died-5-19-1966



Lee J. Blalock

Born-5-8-1935 No date of death



Ann Smith Blalock

Born-6-25-1938 No date of death

Wife of Lee J. Blalock



Lex Blalock

Born-1-2-1914 Died-6-30-1999



Lorene C. Blalock

Born-11-30-1928 No date of death

Wife of Robert E. Blalock



Robert E. Blalock

Born-11-24-1922 No date of death



Rufus E. Blalock

Born-5-23-1925 Died-7-18-1966

Son of Sarah F. Blalock



Sarah F. Blalock

Born-7-28-1885 Died-5-11-1972



E. J. Blocker

Born-3-23-1919 Died-5-26-1987


Edna Blocker

Born-1-6-1921 No date of death



Alma Tince Bottoms

Born-1-23-1919 Died-5-4-1999

Wife of James Hartwell Bottoms

Daughter of Rev. L. C. Mixon



James Hartwell Bottoms

Born-3-31-1917 Died-8-20-2001



Elizabeth Bowen

Born-8-18-1855 Died-3-1-1934



Joshua M. Bowen

Born-12-11-1893 Died-9-7-1978



Emmer Maguleen Boyett

Born-7-24-1934 Died-5-12-1972



James Jefferson Boyett

Born-9-6-1926 Died-9-26-1976

S 1, U S Navy, WWII



Leoma Boyett

Born-10-2-1906 Died-6-15-1988



Charles (Bill) Brewer

Born-12-20-1940 Died-8-24-2006



James W. Brooks

Born-8-30-1903 Died-1-10-1977



L. J. Brooks

Born-11-17-1923 Died-1-2-1997



Louise E. Brooks

Born-5-9-1932 Died-2-20-1986



A. L. Brown

Born-9-8-1856 Died-10-16-1933



Buford C. Brown

Born-3-23-1919 Died-3-14-1976



Eva Brown

Born-5-3-1912 Died-4-22-1999


Gus Brown, Jr.

Born-1-6-1922 Died-3-25-1985



John G. Hoitman Brown

Born-1896 Died-1926



Lowell Brown

Born-10-3-1922 Died-6-25-1924



Lugene K. Brown

Born-1-7-1923 Died-10-11-2000

Wife of Gus Brown, Jr.

married on 9-22-1940



M. V. Brown

Born-2-21-1861 Died-1-12-1919

Wife of A. L. Brown



Mary Frances Brown

Born-3-28-1855 Died-2-3-1918

Wife of A. J. Brown



Sumter Brown

Born-12-12-1914 Died-11-12-1915



Bula Hicks Bruce

Born-6-29-1926 Died-5-1-1991



Ada Elizabeth Burch

Born-6-7-1925 Died-7-9-1936

Daughter of Chester Burch



Albert Moses Burch

Born-1-27-1927 Died-11-21-1982



Infant Burch

March 1944



Marie Burch

Born-5-8-1935 Died-11-7-1947



Tessie Burch

Born-10-3-1904 Died-7-10-1948



Zelma B. Burch

Born-2-26-1892 Died-6-5-1985

2nd Lieutenant, U S Army, WWI



Ida B. Burts

Born-11-7-1898 Died-7-27-1970



Uzema Burts

Born-11-4-1886 Died-11-20-1962

Pvt. Company D, 23rd Infantry, WWI



Johnie Mae Bush

Born-12-19-1925 Died-12-19-1925



Ambrose P. Calhoun

Born-8-27-1899 Died-5-20-1976



Eula Lee Calhoun

Born-9-13-1910 Died-8-6-1991

Wife of Ambrose P. Calhoun



Coy Tillman Canter

Born-12-20-1913 Died-3-24-1943



Mamie Levaria Canter

Born-12-25-1903 Died-6-3-1971



Frankie Lee Carpenter

Born-3-8-1974 Died-7-19-1991



Delia Whitehead Carr

Born-6-13-1883 Died-2-15-1963



Lois H. Carter

Born-4-28-1904 Died-3-2-1994



Mamie B. Champion

Born-12-20-1895 Died-7-2-1987



Chandler Children

5 graves no dates



W. H. Chandler

Born-2-25-1883 Died-5-5-1938



A. J. Clark

Infant grave-no dates



Charles E. Clark

Born-7-7-1889 Died-11-10-1945



Mary J. Clark

Born-1-20-1908 Died-4-24-1982



W. T. Clark

1880 - 1951



Barney B. Clemmons

Born-11-5-1921 Died-12-15-1992



Joe C. Clemmons

Born-3-18-1873 Died-8-7-1950



Lillie L. Brown Clemmons

Born-1881 Died-1971



Willie Lee Clemmons

Born-11-15-1917 Died-1-19-1919

Daughter of Joe and Lillie Clemmons



Mary Bell Coats

Born-10-26-1908 Died-10-19-1990



T. Allen Coats, Sr.

Born-1-2-1904 Died-7-15-1976



Addie Mae (Whitehead) Coleman

Born-11-22-1909 Died-4-7-1969

Wife of Mack Coleman



Andrew W. Coleman

Born-7-29-1884 Died-6-22-1959



Dora E. Coleman

Born-3-11-1890 Died-5-3-1973

Wife of Andrew W. Coleman



Elmer Coleman

Born-11-29-1915 Died-10-9-1976

Son of Andrew and Dora Coleman



Frank Coleman

Born-4-18-1924 Died-8-9-1942

Lost in action, USS Jarvis, U S Navy WWII, S 2 class

Son of Malcolm and Myrtie Coleman



Jack J. Coleman

Born-11-5-1919 Died-4-24-1945

Killed in action in Germany, PFC Company B 821 TD BN, U S Army WWII

Son of Malcolm and Myrtie Coleman



Mack Carl Coleman

Born-11-6-1901 Died-8-18-1990


Malcolm Coleman

Born-11-25-1890 Died-2-15-1965



Myrtie Coleman

Born-1-3-1891 Died-6-26-1972

Wife of Malcolm Coleman



Eloise Helms Compton

Born-11-2-1922 Died-4-10-1971



Ella J. Conner

Born-3-5-1863 Died-10-15-1953



Fannie Mae Conner

Born-3-8-1895 Died-9-4-1937



Tarnce R. Connor

Born-1-31-1861 Died-12-11-1933



Marguerite Blalock Cook

Born-9-29-1920 Died-12-24-2003



Dustin Blake Cooper

Born-5-12-1983 Died-11-23-2000



Elinor Vernese Crutchfield

Born-3-16-1927 Died-6-1-1929



Gertie Estelle Crutchfield

Born-4-16-1890 Died-10-4-1918



Mathias Franklin Crutchfield

Born-12-12-1888 Died-6-7-1958



Ray Houston Crutchfield

Born-5-10-1917 Died-7-22-1928



Annie Lora Dixon

Born-1-21-1908 Died-5-14-1983

Wife of Arthur Clyde Dixon



Arthur Clyde Dixon

Born-4-3-1905 Died-12-27-1981



Emma L. C. Dixon

Born-5-1-1896 Died-8-21-1916

Wife of Marion W. Dixon



Emmette William Dixon

Born-10-20-1852 Died-7-30-1924



Fannie L. Dixon

Born-9-19-1870 Died-8-19-1945



Harold E. Dixon

Born-4-10-1902 Died-6-10-1973

Son of William and Fannie L. Dixon



Infant Dixon

Born-8-16-1916 Died-8-16-1916

Infant of Marion and Emma Dixon



Cassie L. Harbuck Eubanks

Born-2-17-1878 Died-10-31-1961

Wife of J. T. Eubanks



John T. Eubanks

Born-3-19-1871 Died-3-28-1944



Walter Lee Eubanks

Born-5-17-1913 Died-7-10-1957



Comer Fillingim

Infant son of Palmer and Lena Fillingim

No dates



Lena Hicks Fillingim

Born-1-31-1919 Died-10-7-1956

Wife of Palmer C. Fillingim



Palmer C. Fillingim

Born-8-3-1912 Died-7-19-1987



D. S. Forehand

No date of birth, Died-11-25-1918

Wife of S.V. Forehand



Infant Boy Forehand

Son of Lemon and Bula Hick Forehand

No dates



R. V. Forehand

Born-9-5-1911 Died-9-22-1912

Son of S.V. and D.S. Forehand



Carroll Lamar Free

Born-8-17-1920 Died-8-2-1998

T/Sgt U.S. Army



Bonnie B. Fulcher

Born-12-16-1916 Died-3-11-1996



Callie Gibson

Born-10-3-1918 Died-11-23-1984



Lois Lucille Gibson

Born-5-27-1935 Died-8-9-1935



Mack D. Gibson

Born-9-7-1869 Died-9-22-1956



Marthy Gibson

1847 - 1921



Steve Gibson

No dates



Viola Gibson

Born-2-5-1887 Died-2-1-1989



Nora Eunice Gilley

1917 - 1991



Allie J. Gilmore

Born-3-6-1894 Died-3-5-1986



John E. Gilmore

Born-8-23-1886 Died-5-2-1982



Lois Lucille Golson

Born-5-27-1935 Died-8-9-1935



Victoria Grace

Born-12-17-1901 Died-9-8-1990


Annie Bell Grimes

Born-1-14-1917 Died-10-24-1989



Colon O. Hagans




James K. Hagans

Born-4-19-1919 Died-9-17-1919

Son of Colon and Pearla Hagans



Mrs. M. F. Hagans

Born-10-3-1856 Died-11-28-1917



Noah N. Hagans

Born-2-18-1891 Died-5-26-1911

First person buried in this cemetery



Pearla R. Hagans

1884 - 1973

wife of Colon Hagans



Z. B. Hagans

Born-2-12-1859 Died-4-24-1918



James Edward Hall

Born-8-3-1925 Died-7-24-1971

U S Navy, WWII and Korea

Son-in-law of Mr. & Mrs. Coy Tillman Canter



Pauline G. Hall

Born---7-19-1925 Died---12-19-1985

Wife of James E. Hall



Alex J. Helms

Born-10-29-1900 Died-8-22-1986



Annette Helms

Born-5-9-1937 No date of death



Evie G. Helms

Born-11-25-1916 Died-5-23-1947



George W. Helms

Born-6-23-1873 Died-1-1-1941



George W. Helms, Jr.

Born-8-6-1902 Died-3-13-1984



Grovernell F. Helms

Born-5-29-1929 Died-1-21-2000



Harriet L. Helms

Born-5-4-1912 Died-1-20-2000

Married to George W. Helms, Jr.

 on 1-18-1926



Lesile Clyde Helms

Born-11-29-1915 Died-4-27-1982

SP 5, U S Army WWII



Lexie Ann Helms

Born-9-1-1879 Died-5-10-1933



Minnie H. Helms

Born-8-20-1902 Died-11-10-1988

Married Alex J. Helms on 9-23-1922



Tolbert R. Helms

Born-2-5-1907 Died-7-21-1967

PVT, U S Marine Corps Reserves WWII



Vena L. (Mosley) Helms

Born---1913 Died---2006

wife of Tolbert R. Helms



Eula Hicks Heslin

Born-6-29-1926 Died-2-9-1998

Wife of Walter Heslin



Walter Heslin

Born-5-28-1930 Died-8-12-2003



M. A. Hewett

Born-6-2-1845 Died-7-20-1919

Mother of W. C. Stanley



Bula Mae (Braxton) Hicks

Born-11-8-1916 Died-11-22-2006

wife of J.C. Hicks



Duffery Richard Hicks

Born-10-15-1889 Died-11-8-1967

Husband of Martha Hicks



James F. Hicks, Sr.

Born-1-5-1920 Died-2-26-1982



Jessie Lee Hicks

Born-8-3-1889 Died-8-27-1947

First wife of Duffery Hicks



Joe C. Hicks

Born-7-19-1911 Died-4-23-2000



Bonnie R. Hickman

Born-10-20-1928 Died-3-25-1997



Curtis Holland

Born-10-18-1919 Died-6-29-1999



Louise Morris Holland

Born-5-20-1922 Died-10-12-2005

Wife of Curtis Holland



Mary Howell

Born---1836 Died---1922



Burley Hughes, Sr.

Born-3-22-1899 Died-4-24-1978



Carrie R. Hughes

Born-4-14-1898 Died-1-29-1986



Joy A. Hughes

Born-3-22-1938 Died-4-21-1938



Virginia A. Hughes

Born-4-7-1941 Died-4-7-1941



William Jasper Hutto

Born-4-15-1893 Died-4-5-1956



Vassie Mozella Jones

Died 4-17-1988 69 years old



William W. Jones

Born---1905 Died---1977



Allen H. "Pat" Jordan

Born-10-3-1921 Died-7-7-1977

GMG 1 U.S. Navy, WWII, Korea, Vietnam

Son of Jacob and Mary Jordan



David Luke Jordan

Born-11-9-1938 Died-9-3-1992

Son of Jacob and Mary Jordan



Issac Eudon "Don" Jordan

Born-5-28-1936 Died-6-13-1986

Son of Jacob and Mary Jordan



Jacob Jordan

Born-1899 Died-1979



Mary Jordan

Born-1903 Died-1978

Wife of Jacob Jordan,

sister to Rev. L. C. Mixon



Carson Judah

Born-1-30-1927 Died-1-28-1951

PFC, WWII, 144 Transportation Truck Co.



Claud Judah

Born-1-29-1896 Died-8-23-1943

PVT, 19 Anti-Aircraft Section, WWI



Junior Judah

Born-1-1-1920 Died-1-15-1942



Cradie I. King

Born-5-25-1907 Died-2-1-1918



George W. Kirkland

Born-3-16-1878 Died-12-14-1964



Mary W. Kirkland

Born-3-5-1882 Died-3-6-1944



Everett Wayne LaFrancois

Born-2-6-1943 Died-11-10-1986

U.S. Navy, Vietnam



Ambus Lowery

Born---1877 Died---1916



Ren Lowery

Born---1886 Died---1914



Tillman Lowery

Born---1914 Died---1914



William R. Lunsford

Born-11-25-1893 Died-5-28-1960

PVT, U.S. Army, WWI



Emma McClellan

Born-5-26-1870 Died-6-27-1927



Fannie McClellan

Born-11-10-1903 Died-11-17-1924



Alice McComack

Born-8-23-1921 No date of death



Dewey Herbert L. McDonald

Born-7-12-1948 Died-9-14-1975



John Douglas McDonald

Born-12-31-1972 Died-7-30-1980



Johnny Mack McDonald




Alvin McEachern

Born-9-15-1881 Died-3-8-1925



Bill B. McEachern

Born-1-11-1923 Died-7-17-2002



D. Carlie McEachern


Born-9-9-1889 Died-5-7-1947



D. G. McEachern

"Uncle Pick"

born-10-17-1850 Died-3-22-1926



Genie Jewell McEachern

Born-5-26-1930 Died-5-30-1930



J. C. McEachern, Jr.

Born-12-8-1912 Died-11-16-1917



J. Cleave McEachern

Born-7-19-1884 Died-1-31-1973



J. Owen McEachern


Born-10-23-1854 Died-2-9-1931



Jack L. McEachern

Born-3-28-1915 Died-9-8-1971

Sgt., H and S Company, 1397 Engr. BN, WWII



Jean McEachern

Born-August 1919 Died-4-14-1922

Son of Alvin and Marion McEachern



Lena B. McEachern

Born-4-30-1892 Died-11-14-1935



Mozell McNeal

Born-5-5-1922 Died-5-12-1990



Raymond R. McNeal

Born-4-21-1906 No date of death



Daisy Marie Searcy Markham

Born-4-2-1945 Died-12-4-1998

Daughter of Dallas Searcy



Thomas A. Marlow

Born-10-20-1873 Died-10-21-1918



Annie J. Martin

Born-2-22-1907 Died-11-3-1949



Charlie Chalmers Martin

Born-3-15-1889 Died-2-14-1958



Ida Pearl Martin

Born-10-21-1917 Died-6-26-1991



James Wilmer Martin

Born-7-29-1910 Died-7-29-1999



Lannis Hansel Martin

Born-6-9-1909 Died-5-6-1995



Martha Jane Martin

Born-8-18-1891 Died-3-14-1976



Mary Ann Martin

Born-8-8-1913 Died-7-7-1972



Rose M. Martin

Born-2-22-1921 Died-10-29-2004

Wife of Dick Martin



Vera Mae Martin

Born-2-16-1940 No date of death



W. A. Dick Martin

Born-4-12-1911 Died-7-3-2003



Willie Maude Martin

Born-12-24-1916 Died-March 1933



Willie Merle Martin

Born-12-11-1932 Died-April 1933



Frank Mason

cement marker

Died-February 1931

brother in law to Willey Williams buried in this same cemetery



Marie Hutto Mason

Born-11-16-1898 Died-9-10-1974



Bonnie Louise Massey

Born---1931 Died---1934



Emerline Rachel Massey

Born-5-15-1861 Died-7-29-1930

Wife of J. W. Massey



Erma Lee Massey

Born-12-3-1925 Died-2-18-1975



Henry J. Massey

Born-3-21-1923 Died-1-19-1988



James Massey

Born-8-26-1914 Died-11-26-1992



Lecie Massey

Born-12-28-1912 Died-1-12-2002

Wife of James Massey



Issac L. Massey

Born---1891 Died---1961



J. W. Massey

Born-7-29-1855 Died-5-5-1922



Mary E. Massey

Born---1892 Died---1966



Allie M. Matthews

Born-8-9-1905 Died-3-22-1982



Annie J. Matthews

Born-2-22-1907 Died-11-3-1949



Douglas C. May

Born-5-15-1962 Died-8-19-1976



Mary Elevyn Strickland May

Born-8-4-1932 Died-12-8-2002

Mother of Douglas & Michael May



Michael Douglas May

Infant 3-10-1957



Alford N. Meritt

Born-6-3-1890 Died-1-16-1975



Archie C. Meritt

Born-10-19-1892 Died-11-20-1970



Maudie S. Meritt

Born-1-18-1891 Died-10-20-1987



Alexander Messer

Born---? Died---1935

Son of Jonathan Monroe & Laura Josephine Messer

Unmarked grave



Jonathan Monroe Messer

Born---1932 Died---?

Son of Jessie Messer

Unmarked grave



Mrs. Jessie Messer

Born-11-17-1835 Died-8-9-1922



Laura Josephine Spivey Messer

Born-? Died-9-29-1938

Unmarked grave



Beria Metcalf (Mama B.)

Born-10-21-1896 Died-10-15-1986



Buford Metcalf

Born-3-14-1918 Died-1-27-1944



Infant daughter of

Jim & Beria Metcalf




J. M. (Papa Jim) Metcalf

Born-7-30-1895 Died-2-14-1972



John Owen Metcalf

Born-5-12-1897 Died-5-28-1914



John P. Metcalf

Born-4-19-1871 Died-3-21-1949



Laughton Metcalf

Born-1911 Died-1994



Mary (Lizzie) Metcalf

Born-4-1-1874 Died-5-21-1953



Lena Clara Ogburn Miller

Born-7-13-1918 Died-6-30-2005



Armissie B. Mixon

Born-5-4-1895 Died-4-4-1970

Wife of Rev. Lee Mixon



Charlie Clayton Mixon

Born-9-14-1913 Died-8-9-1961

Son of Lee & Missie Mixon



Rev. Lee C. Mixon

Born-3-27-1888 Died-4-5-1976

pastor of this church for 58 years.



Lessie B. Mixon

Born-1-31-1914 Died-3-31-1981

Wife of Charlie Mixon



Alford Morris

Born-4-12-1902 Died-11-7-1974



Bertie M. (Fountain) Morris

Born-7-16-1929 Died-10-4-2006

wife of Noah Morris, mother of

Dennis W. Morris



Celley Morris

No dates



Dennis W. Morris

Born-2-2-1967 Died-8-7-1980



Dewitt Morris

Born-11-8-1926 Died-10-15-1960



Elie Morris

No dates



Eliga Morris

No dates



Ethel Morris

Born-1897 Died-1964



Eugene Morris

Born-12-12-1932 Died-9-18-1993



Evie Morris

No dates



Infant son of

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Morris

Born-3-25-1962 Died-3-27-1962



J. T. (Skeeter) Morris

Born-5-20-1923 Died-6-11-1944

PVT, 502 Parachute Infantry, WWII

Married 10-19-1943



Jerry Morris

No dates



Manuel Morris

No dates



Missouri Morris

No dates



Noah Morris

Born-7-24-1924 Died-11-10-1995



Son of

Noah and Bertie Morris





Vassie Morris

Born-11-30-1903 Died-4-20-1983



Arthur L. Mosely

Born-11-13-1881 Died-10-23-1920



Davis Helms Mosely

Born-11-2-1895 Died-6-1-1975



William Frannklin Moseley

Born-2-7-1891 Died-1-10-1929



Donnie Newman

No dates



Annie Mae (Marlow) Ogburn

Born-2-2-1900 Died-1-29-1987

Wife of Early Ogburn



Dewey Ogburn

Born-10-16-1916 Died-7-2-1917



Mary Lou (Dillard) Ogburn

Born-7-1-1933 No date of death

Married Ray Ogburn on 4-5-1953



Ray E. Ogburn

Born-4-19-1930 Died-1-25-1988



William Early Ogburn

Born-7-3-1898 Died-9-19-1958



Arthur D. Owens

Born-7-31-1899 Died-10-31-1981



Becky Owens

Unmarked grave

Born-10-23-1878 Died-10-14-1922

wife of Canner Owens



Calvin (Buck) Owens

Born-6-1-1927 Died-4-30-1999



Canner Owens

Unmarked grave

Born-1-13-1872 Died-1939

husband of Becky Owens



Corbie C. Owens

Born-8-4-1909 Died-10-17-1979

S SGT, U. S. Air Force, WWII, Korea



Dellie Ware Owens

Born-3-10-1870 Died-5-10-1937



Essie Mae Owens

Born-1916 Died-1917



Grace L. (Mixon) Owens

Born-6-9-1897 Died-10-27-1982

wife of Joe Owens

Sister to Rev. Lee Mixon



Joe S. Owens

Born-1-20-1889 Died-3-22-1956

husband of Grace Owens



Mary Frances Owens

Born-9-29-1872 Died-7-8-1925



Nancy Camillar Owens

Born-3-13-1893 Died-7-8-1959



R. C. Owens

Unmarked grave

Born-8-6-1913 Died-1970

son of Canner & Becky Owens



Roy Owens, Jr.

Born-12-22-1947 Died-6-25-1986

Pvt. US Army, Vietnam



Trixie D. Owens

Born-2-26-1902 Died-11-20-1996



Willie Oscar Owens

Born-7-17-1896 Died-11-5-1959



Dellie Crutchfield Padgett

Born-9-19-1905 Died-10-7-1993



Annie R. Peacock

Born-4-13-1889 Died-10-21-1959



Infant daughter

of James & Annie Peacock





James M. Peacock

Born-7-6-1861 Died-1-7-1940



Annie Mae Pollard

Born-9-13-1911 Died-2-20-1999



Bertha Mae Pollard

Born-1893 Died-1962



J. T. Pollard

Born-10-27-1908 Died-11-16-1997



John F. Pollard

Born-1875 Died-1947



Hosey M. Price

Born-1915 Died-1931



Mary L. Pridgen

Born-9-27-1913 Died-9-5-1964



Rex David Pridgen

Born-5-11-1932 Died-3-14-1987



Dorothy Berry Register

Born-9-13-1931 Died-3-5-1984



James Richardson

Born-3-28-1891 Died-5-11-1927



Bessie Riley

Born-10-4-1908 Died-6-17-1999



Dean G. Riley

Born-6-1-1913 Died-5-22-1999



Harvey Riley

Born-1-7-1871 Died-11-17-1933



Leon A. Riley

Born-11-23-1911 Died-9-30-1970



Mittie Riley

Born-6-12-1873 Died-7-12-1947



Rex E. Riley

Born-4-28-1936 Died-12-12-1995

Son of Dean G. Riley



Shubby C. Riley

Born-5-25-1905 Died-10-10-1964



Alma Robinson

Born-2-5-1904 Died-12-18-1974

Wife of James Ralph Robinson

Married on 3-5-1930



Dale Robinson

Born-4-22-1957 Died-3-11-2000

Son of Harold Robinson



James Harold Robinson

Born-3-14-1931 Died-12-14-1985



James Ralph Robinson

Born-2-14-1909 Died-9-25-1960



Jim Robinson

Born-3-11-1962 Died-1-3-1965



Malon Robinson

Born-7-10-1941 Died-10-8-1993

Son of Ralph & Alma Robinson



Mary Ellen Robinson

Born-9-5-1881 Died-5-5-1951

Mother of James Ralph Robinson



Stella M. Robinson

Born-12-6-1952 No date of death

Wife of Dale Robinson



James B. Roney

Born-7-25-1922 Died-9-1-1967

Tec 5, 1866 Service Command Unit, WWII



James C. Roy

Born-4-16-1924 Died-6-24-1958



Bernice Searcy

Born-1925 Died-1983



Daisy D. Searcy

Born-8-2-1898 Died-11-26-1980



Dallas Searcy

Born-1917 Died-1986



James Hansel Searcy

Born-9-4-1925 Died-7-1-1998

Son of

Otis & Daisy Searcy



J. T. Searcy

Born-3-1-1915 Died-10-29-1975

Tsgt, U S Air Force, WWII & Korea



Otis F. Searcy

Born-2-16-1895 Died-3-19-1946



Sarah Blalock Sellars

Born-3-1-1916 Died-5-13-1999

Daughter of Sarah F. Blalock



Lillie L. Spikes

Born-1871 Died-1913



Mary Spikes

Born-7-18-1900 Died-3-28-1982



Walter C. Spikes

Born-8-2-1907 Died-3-8-1988



Albert A. Stewart

Born-1896 Died-1983



Bud Stewart

Born-5-25-1874 Died-1-8-1939



Clifton Leo Stewart

Born-3-19-1914 Died-4-27-1971



Harvey J. Stewart

Born-10-30-1943 Died-5-20-1985



Infant Stewart of

Albert & Nancy Stewart

Born-1917 Died-1917



Jack Stewart

Born-5-16-1883 Died-7-25-1917



Lula Stewart

Born-12-16-1878 Died-1-20-1956



Mozell Stewart

Born-4-30-1911 Died-8-11-1980



Nancy Stewart

Born-1900 Died-1982



Nancy Fay Stewart

Born-1942 Died-1942



Opeal Stewart

Born-1929 Died-1934

Daughter of Albert & Nancy Stewart



Raymond Oneal Stewart

Born-1928 Died-1932

Son of Albert & Nancy Stewart



Cavie Ray Strickland

Born-2-12-1906 Died-5-27-1989

Married to Z. Y. Strickland on




Z. Y. Strickland

Born-4-17-1899 Died-4-12-1972




Alissa R. Thompson

Born-8-31-1969 Died-4-23-1999



Roxie Howell Thurston

Born-1860 Died-1927




William Henry Thurston

Born-1854 Died-1920



Christine Morris Tidwell

Born-6-16-1935 No date of death



Willard Tidwell

Born-12-18-1937 No date of death



Hettie L. Trant

Born-12-20-1901 Died-1-5-1991



Willis A. Trant

Born-9-25-1891 Died-5-29-1931



Pamela Denise Turner

Born-2-16-1970 Died-3-31-1970



Willie Dean Tyson

Born-2-29-1928 No date of death



Willie Frank Tyson

Born-4-2-1925 Died-1-12-2004



Edwin H. Ursry

Born-10-24-1887 Died-5-8-1975



Elizabeth Ursry

Born-1857 Died-1939



Lennie M. Ursry

Born-1923 Died-1974



Marion R. Ursry

Born-1911 Died-1956



Mary J. Ursry

Born-6-22-1889 Died-1-29-1948

Married to Edward Ursry in 1905



Norman J. Ursry

Born-1845 Died-1925



Roy L. Ursry

Born-1906 Died-1925



Ruby L. Ursry

Born-1925 Died-1925



Tom Ursry

Born-1894 Died-1957



Clarence E. Walls

Born-9-6-1931 Died-1-15-1997



Ellen E. Burch Walls

Born-9-9-1931 Died-5-8-2004

Wife of Clarence E. Walls



John Coley Ward

Born-1-25-1939 Died-4-13-2005



Calvin White

Born-5-20-1920 Died-3-28-1988



Dorothy Pastell White

Born-7-3-1923 Died-10-19-1995



Kathleen White

Born-10-9-1943 Died-5-22-1944



Chester K. Whitehead

Born-7-3-1893 Died-5-19-1918



Dollie Whitehead

Born-3-20-1881 Died-9-22-1941



Edward Tilton Whitehead, Jr.

Two week old infant son of Ed & Dullie Whitehead

Unmarked grave buried in plot with Pillie Wade Whitehead



Gillis Whitehead

Born-1864 Died-7-19-1933

Unmarked grave beside his son Pillie Wade Whitehead



H. P. Whitehead

Born-2-1-1873 Died-2-10-1942



Jacob J. Whitehead

Born-2-14-1884 Died-4-5-1912



Lula Whitehead

Born-1859 Died-1955

Wife of H. P. Whitehead



Lydia A. Whitehead

Born-6-2-1896 Died-1-25-1974

Wife of Pillie Wade Whitehead,

sister to Rev. Lee Mixon



Mandie Whitehead

Born-1860 Died-8-4-1923



Ned Whitehead

Born-8-20-1938 Died-10-4-1938

Son of Edward & Dullie Whitehead

Unmarked grave buried in plot with Pillie Wade Whitehead



Pillie Wade Whitehead

Born-6-10-1896 Died-8-23-1931

husband of Lydia A. Whitehead,

Son of Gillis Whitehead




Willey Williams

cement marker

Born-9-24-1871 Died-9-28-1938

brother in law to Frank Mason buried in this same cemetery



Earnest J. Wood, Sr.

Born-6-19-1903 Died-4-27-1979



Hattie Mae Wood

Born-4-16-1909 Died-1-5-2000

Wife of Earnest Wood






I have checked and double checked these records and believe that they are true.

Henry W. Massey

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first posted

February 16, 2006